Sy Brandon


Hep Cats for Flute and Clarinet - Hep Cats was originally composed during 2008 for solo clarinet and was adapted for flute and clarinet in 2011 for the Ardente Duo. The title is a double entendre, first suggesting the jazz influences, and second, being a musical portrait of felines. The first movement is called “Siamese” and was written in memory of the composer’s cat, Siegfried, who was part Siamese. It is an upbeat, swing movement. “Angora” is the title of the second movement and is moody, bluesy, and mysterious. The last movement, “Tom” is in a rock style and is aggressive. It was recorded by the Ardente Duo on the Emeritus label Hep Cats CD. Advanced


Kaleidoscope for Flute and Bb Clarinet - This piece was written for The Silverwind Duo. The inspiration for Kaleidoscope is the ever-changing geometric patterns that appear when using this visually stimulating toy. The music of each movement, while containing some repetition and contrast is constantly transformed into numerous variations of the initial idea. The patterns that appear in a kaleidoscope are often geometric, therefore inspiring the titles of the movements and the ideas for their musical counterparts. I. Quadrangles for Flute and Bb Clarinet is in a fast 4/4 using lots of harmony on 4ths and melodic material based on 4ths. II. Ellipsoids is for Flute and Bb Clarinet or Bass Clarinet and is in a slow 3 with overlapping phrases suggesting all sorts of oval shapes. III. Pentagons for Flute or Alto Flute and Bb Clarinet or Bass Clarinet is in a moderate 5/4 with harmony and melodic material based on fifths. IV. Triangles for Flute or Piccolo and Bb Clarinet or Eb Clarinet is in a fast 6/8 with thirds being the harmonic and melodic departure point. Advanced


Regal Variations for Flute and Clarinet - This piece was composed for the Ballif Duo, consisting of Kristi Ballif, flute and Adam Ballif, clarinet. The inspiration for the work was Edward Elgar's "Enigma Variations". Elgar created a marvelous set of variations that treat the theme symphonically by varying the motivic ideas instead of just keeping the form of the theme constant and building the variations on that structure. The result is a set of variations that are connected, yet varied in mood. "Regal Variations" is smaller in both instrumentation and the number of variations, but it tries to capture the symphonic quality of Elgar's work. The title is an anagram of Elgar's name. Advanced


Suite for Flute and Clarinet - This Neo-Baroque suite was written for saxophonists Andy Wen and Willie L. Morris III for a performance at the 2000 World Saxophone Congress in Montreal. It was transcribed in 2011 for flute and clarinet. While the movements are based in tonality, they move freely from key to key. The movements are modeled after a Baroque suite and treat the two instruments contrapuntally. It is recorded by the Ardente Duo on the Emeritus Recordings CD Hep Cats. Advanced


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