Sy Brandon


Transformations for Bb Trumpet and Percussion - “Transformations” is a five-movement composition for trumpet and percussion. The title is derived from the way the organic material of the first movement is altered during the ensuing movements. Movement two mainly explores the sixteenth note material that is presented during the first movement and is at a faster tempo. The slow third movement is at a slow tempo and is very coloristic. The muted trumpet presents material reminiscent of the opening motivic cell, but it is highly decorated through the use of half-step trills. A sextuplet section has a similar contour to the second germ cell used in the first movement. The lyrical ending to this movement also has its roots in the first movement. The fourth movement is very fast with shifting odd meters and represents the climax of the composition. Hints of motivic cells from the first movement can be heard throughout. The last movement serves as an epilogue by being more closely related to the material of the first movement but it has a characteristic of reflection rather than an exposition. The percussion part serves many roles by imitating the trumpet, adding color and punctuation, and serving as an equal voice in the presentation and development of material. Both musicians perform from the score. Advanced


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