Sy Brandon


River Suite for Flute Violin and Piano - "River Suite" contains four movements, each named after a different river. It was composed the trio of Jason T. Laczkowski, saxophone, Anna Draper, violin and Joshua Russell, piano. The selected river reflects a different segment of cultural life in the United States. The first movement is called "Pecos River Barn Dance" and reflects a Saturday night social event common in farming and ranching communities, namely the barn dance. The second movement is called "Mississippi River blues" and is influenced by the blues. . The third movement is "Harlem River Funk". The "funk" style has a lot of intricate syncopation, a minor blues tonality, some harsh dissonances, and a lot of repetition. All these elements are present in this movement. The last movement is called "Pee Dee Revival". The Pee Dee River runs through North and South Carolina and the movement is inspired by spirituals. Advanced


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