Sy Brandon


brass quartets of Sy Brandon
Capriccio for Brass Quartet - Energetic opening and ending sections surround a slower humorous middle section. Advanced


Chorale Prelude on Christ, the Lord, Is Risen Today - This Chorale Prelude is in the form of a fantasia as it uses phrases from this hymn interspersed with a lot of free material. It can serve as either a prelude or postlude. The tuba uses a syncopated eighth note rhythm during the sustained notes at the beginning. This pattern then dominates the last third of the piece and it evokes visions of Widor’s Toccata. Advanced Intermediate


Three American Hymns for Brass Quartet or Quintet and Organ - Contains modern settings of Hallelujah Prelude, At The River, and Holy Manna. Holy Manna is in a jazz style. The tuba part is optional. Advanced


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