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opera by Sy Brandon
The Ballad of Robin Hood - An opera designed to be performed by middle school performers. The opera contains all the parts of a traditional opera: overture, choruses, arias, love duet, and a crowd scene with dancers, jugglers, tumblers. The setting is 12th Century England and the plot comes from the famous legend.

Cast of Characters

Singing Roles:

Wandering Minstrel (optional) - tenor Little John - range f-d' Will Scarlet - range c'-db" optional eb" Sheriff of Nottingham - range f-c' Maid Marian - range c'-c" Robin Hood - range c'-c" Merry Men - S.A. Chorus Townspeople - S.A. Chorus

Non-singing Roles:

Friar Tuck Courier King Richard Narrator (if wandering minstrel is not used) 3 Trumpeters on stage jugglers clowns dancers tumblers guards

This opera can be performed with piano accompaniment only or with optional instrumental accompaniment. If you plan to do the work with just piano accompaniment, all you need to purchase is the piano/vocal score. If you plan to use the instrumental accompaniment, you will want to download the full score containing vocal parts, piano accompaniment, parts A,B,C,D and two percussion parts as well as the piano/vocal score and all three sets of parts.

There are separate parts as follows: Part A - Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Trumpet in Bb, Violin Part B - Clarinet in Bb or Trumpet in Bb, Alto Saxophone in Eb, Violin Part C - Bassoon, Trombone, or Euphonium; Tenor Saxophone in Bb or Euphonium T.C.; Horn in F; Viola; Cello Part D - Baritone Saxophone in Eb; Bass Clarinet; Bassoon, Trombone, or Euphonium; Euphonium T.C., Tuba, Cello, Double Bass Percussion 1 - S.D., B.D., W.B., Trg., Timpani Percussion 2 - Tamb., S.C., BD, Ratchet, W.B., Trg. If more than one instrument is used on a part, the conductor should feel free to orchestrate the performance by varying what instruments play each section in order to achieve more color.

Legal size perusal score - Free

Letter Size Piano/Vocal Score $25.00 - Price includes permission to duplicate as many copies needed for performance

Instrumental Part AB Set (letter size) $20.00

Instrumental Part CD Set (letter size) $20.00

Instrumental Percussion Part Set (letter size) $10.00

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