Sy Brandon


percussion music of Sy Brandon

Marimba Duet

Guatemaya (for Marimba Duet) - Guatemaya is a four-movement composition for marimba duet that is influenced by Guatemalan marimba music and Mayan music, hence the title. I. Puerto Barrios - This movement has a Caribbean influence, as Puerto Barrios is Guatemala's major Eastern port city. II. Tikai - Tikai is an ancient Mayan city. Mayan music greatly influences this movement. Many of the sounds of Mayan music are produce by drums and flutes. This movement uses only the marimbas to capture these sounds. III. Lake Atitlan - This lake in the Guatemalan highlands, allows no outflow to other bodies of water. Its deep blue color is the inspiration for the rich harmonies of this movement. IV. Chichicastenango - This Guatemalan city is famous for its marketplace and festive Mayan music. This movement incorporates quotes from a folk song of the same name. Advanced



Percussion Trio or Quartet

Cycles for Percussion Trio or Quartet - “Cycles” honors those who lost loved ones in the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The title reflects both the living earth upon which we live and the fortitude of humanity. The first movement depicts serenity interrupted by bombastic resemblances of earthquakes and tsunamis. The second movement was a hymn song for the souls of the dead and is called “Ashes to Ashes” as it represents a different cycle, one of death and rebirth. A song of redemption and hope for the survivors is the theme for the third and final movement “Resiliency of the Spirit”. ´╗┐The fourth percussion part is optional giving the composition the flexibility of either a trio or quartet. Advanced



Percussion Sextet

Modal Suite for Percussion Sextet - Consists of three movements: Phrygian Polka, Lydian Lament, and Mixolydian Mambo. Intermediate


Toccata, Sarabande, and Gigue for Percussion Sextet - available from HaMar Percussion Publications - This composition uses characteristics of the Renaissance and Baroque dances in a melodic and rhythmic treatment of the percussion. The Toccata is a virtuosic Allegro with interplay between the parts. The Sarabande is in a slow and stately triple meter with the melody in the glockenspiel. A more playful Gigue in 6/8 uses colorful interplay over an ostinato and brings the composition to an exciting close. Advanced Intermediate

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