Sy Brandon


voice and piano music of Sy Brandon

Child or Children and Piano

In The Stillness - (child or children, flute, and piano) A setting of a poem by Grace Trimmer Lefever that is appropriate for church or concert. Easy Intermediate


Let’s Be Friends for voice and piano - An optimistic song that promotes diversity and tolerance. Easy


Let’s Be Friends for SA and piano - An optimistic song that promotes diversity and tolerance. Easy



Soprano and Piano

Five Love Miniatures - The harmonies and melodies are essentially modal in this setting of poems by the composer, the composer’s wife, and Gustavo Adolf Bequer (1836-1870). Advanced Intermediate



Mezzo Soprano and Piano

Two Songs of Death for Mezzo Soprano, Piano, and Timpani - These Vassar Miller poems present two views of death. The first, Momento Mori, is morbid and the setting is very dramatic. The second, Old Dog, is more optimistic. Both require a strong pitch sense of the singer as the intervals are angular. The piano part supports the singer at times and is more independent at others. The timpani part adds color and drama. Advanced



Baritone and Piano

Songs of Youth - Songs of Youth reflects experiences of Dr. Bob Feinberg, who after several years as a professional trumpet player, has devoted his life to healing arts as owner of the Feinberg Wellness Center in Columbus, Georgia. Dr. Feinberg has been writing poetry for several years, much of it reflecting his youthful idealism and struggles. Feinberg and Brandon have been friends for over 65 years. These songs may be performed individually or as a set. If performed as a set, the order should be: Loneliness, Jazz Heaven, Carmine Advanced


Three Songs of Protest - Based on poems of the composer’s uncle who was one of eight conscientious objectors imprisoned during World War I. The vocal part is tonal while the piano part adds dissonances and harmony appropriate to the text. Advanced



High Voice and Piano

Two Visions (high voice, oboe, and piano) - The visions of these songs are of nature and the lyrical quality and playfulness of the melody, harmony and rhythm create an atmospheric setting. The poems are by David Lubin. The text is used with the permission of the poet. While the poems are not haiku poems, the are similar to haiku poetry in their brevity and concentration of thought. Advanced


Watercolor Clouds - This tonal through-composed song has some modulation and meter change . The text is by the composer´╗┐ and reflects the vagueness of clouds and makes an analogy for humans to not just see their world as black and white. Advanced Intermediate


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