Sy Brandon


bassoon solos of Sy Brandon

Bassoon Unacompanied

Waltz for Bassoon - A humorous waltz that mixes accompaniment type figures with a lyrical melody and some surprise meter changes. Intermediate


Bassoon and Piano

Character Pieces On The Seven Dwarfs - This composition was commissioned by and dedicated to Dr. Susan Gustavson Maxwell and is in seven movements that musically suggest the character of the seven dwarfs. There are times where programmatic elements may appear but for the most part, the composition is designed to suggest the nature of each dwarf rather than tell a specific story. Advanced


Valse from Divertissement - This is the third movement of six contrasting movements for a woodwind doubler that was composed for and premiered by Bret Pimentel. Each movement can stand alone as a solo piece or it can be played by a woodwind doubler as part of a suite. The Valse for bassoon and piano is in a flowing waltz tempo with occasional shifts away from three beats in the measure. Advanced Intermediate


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