Sy Brandon


trombone or euphonium ensembles of Sy Brandon

Trombone Quartet

Saint-Saens - Alleluia from The Christmas Oratorio for 4 Trombones - This chorus and orchestral piece is adapted and arranged for four trombones. Advanced Intermediate


Susato - Three Dances for Trombone Quartet -A Ronde, Pavane and Saltarelle make up this suite of Renaissance pieces. Advanced Intermediate


Happy Birthday for Trombone Quartet or Quintet - A traditional setting followed by a jazz setting. Advanced Intermediate



Trombone Quintet

Berlioz - Recitative and Prayer - This well-known trombone solo from Berlioz’ Funeral and Triumphal Symphony is transcribed so that solo part part is divided among the four tenor trombones. It was premiered by the Continental Trombone Quartet at the 2004 Eastern Trombone Workshop. Advanced Intermediate


Traditional/Fillmore - When The Saints Meets Lassus Trombone - These two familiar tunes are heard separately then combined. Advanced Intermediate



Trombone Sextet

Pezel - Six Pieces for Trombone Sextet - An Intrade, Sarabande, Courente, Bal, Sarabande, and Gigue adapted and arranged for six trombones. Advanced Intermediate



Trombone Octet

Bach - Alleluia from Cantata No. 142 for 8 Trombones - A transcription for 6 trombones and 2 bass trombones of the final chorus of Bach’s Christmas Cantata No. 142 - A Child is Born to Us. Choir I - Intermediate Choir II - Advanced


Gabrieli - Canzon Septimi Toni No. 2 (6 ten. troms.,2 bs. troms.) - This double brass choir composition is arranged and adapted for two trombone choirs, each with three tenor trombones and a bass trombone. The high part is distributed among the three tenor trombones of each choir. Advanced


Elgar - Nimrod from Enigma Variations for 8 Trombones - This is the famous slow movement from "Enigma Variations". Advanced Intermediate



12 Trombones

Wagner - Good Friday Spell from Parsifal for 12 Trombones - I. An arrangement of this beautiful orchestral passage for nine tenor trombones and three bass trombones. Advanced


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