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These recordings that contain my music are available through your favorite retail outlet or streaming service.

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Collage - Chamber music performed by Cincinnati's premiere chamber ensemble, Conundrum, and the winners of the 2007 Co-op Press Recording Competition. Contains my Four Songs for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet and Piano, Meditation and Dance for Oboe, Cello, and Harp, Three Preludes for Flute and Guitar, Sonatina for Oboe and Bassoon, and Scenes from Tom Sawyer for Narrator, Flute, Clarinet, and Piano.

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Flirtations - Accessible contemporary classical music by Sy Brandon performed by three outstanding oboists; Lauren Murray, Anita Ranucci Brandon, and Tricia Wlazlo. Contains my Three Flirtations for Oboe and Trumpet, Prelude, Bacchanal, and Reverie for Oboe and Piano, Suite for Oboe and Piano, Lyric Piece and Dance for Oboe and Piano, and Divertissement for Oboe, Piano and Percussion.

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Echoes - New tuba and euphonium ensemble music performed by the University of Arkansas tuba/euphonium ensemble, the International Euphonium Institute Ensemble, the Euphouria Quartet, and Dr. Benjamin Pierce. Contains my Echoes, In Remembrance September 11, 2001, Suite Francaise Moderne, Recital Duets, and Quartet for Tubas.

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Trombonarama - Exciting performances of previously unrecorded music for solo trombone, trombone and piano, bass trombone and piano, and trombone choir. Contains my Ballad and Dance Variations, Sonata for Trombone and Piano, Fantasia for Bass Trombone and Piano, and Tapestries for Trombone Quintet.

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Hep Cats - The Ardente Duo - Cassandra Eisenreich & Danielle Woolery- Contemporary classical music by award-winning composer, Sy Brandon, showcasing the artistry of the Ardente Duo. Contains my Hep Cats, Little Suite, Suite, Regal Variations, Kaleidoscope, and Recital Duets.

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Variations - Solo and Chamber Music of Sy Brandon - Contains my Badinerie for Clarinet and Piano, Variations for String Quartet, Celebration of Flight for Violin and Saxophone, Three Songs of Protest for Baritone Voice and Piano, Three Jazzy Pieces for Flute, Clarinet and Cello, Sonatina for Piano, Three Flirtations for Oboe and Trumpet, and Olympic Prelude for Flute Choir.

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Fantasies and Realities - Solo and Chamber Music of Sy Brandon Vol. 2 - Contains my American Fantasy for Tuba and Piano, Chaconne and Variations for Wind Quintet, Tapestries for Trombone Quintet, In the Land of Wonder-Wander for Flute, Clarinet, Cello and Piano, Canzon for Brass Quintet, and In Praise of Music for Wind Quintet and narrator.

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Kumiko Shimizu - Piano - Performance by this American Prize runner-up of my Phantasie on Singaporean Folk Songs.

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Aurora - Internationally acclaimed pianist Cristian Pastorello performs my "Sonatina", "Aurora", and "Phantasie on Singaporean Folk Songs."

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The Phoenix - Two university professors perform my "Miniatures for Horn and Piano" and my "Suite for Horn and Piano."

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The Bounds of Spring - This stunning trombone and harp duo perform my "Negotiations."

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Aurora - Contemporary and Romantic compositions for clarinet and organ performed by two excellent musicians. Contains my Meditation and Festive Celebration and my Affirmations.

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Apparitions - This CD features contemporary music for saxophone performed by one the world's best saxophonists. Much of the music has commissioned by the artist and most are premiere recordings of the compositions. Contains my Lan Na Thai for Saxophone and Prerecorded Sounds and Suite for Two Saxophones.

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Apparitions II - Contemporary saxophone music for alto saxophone and piano, alto saxophone duet, solo alto saxophone, and alto saxophone with electro-acoustic accompaniment. Contains my Concertino for Alto Saxophone and Piano and 20,000 for Solo Alto Saxophone.

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Inventions - Modern music for tuba and piano expertly performed by consummate artists. Contains my Miniatures for Tuba and Piano and Inventions for Low Brass Trio.

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New Horizons - Contemporary classical trumpet and piano music expertly performed by artists with international reputations. Contains my Sonata for Trumpet and Piano and Avalon for Trumpet and Piano.

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Mosaic - Contemporary classical music for piccolo and piano and piccolo alone. Contains my Mosaic for Piccolo and Piano.

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American Fusion - Classical contemporary music for saxophone and piano or marimba expertly performed by three established artists.Contains my Fantasie Variations On Mazurek Dabrowskiego for Alto Saxophone and Piano and Four Spanish Dances for Alto Saxophone and Marimba.

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Drei Bones - A variety of trombone trios performed by three premiere university professor/symphony orchestra trombonists. Contains my Playground and Adages.

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Drei Bones "Of Hammered Gold" - A variety of trombone trio music performed by the world-class Drei Bones Trombone Trio. Contains my Dry Bones Fantasy.

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Duozona - Lyrical contemporary music for flute and guitar performed by one of the premiere flute and guitar duos in the world.Contains my Southwestern Suite, Three Preludes, and Four Spanish Dances.

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Enhake "Legacy - Quartets for clarinet, violin, cello and piano" - Contemporary chamber music performed by the award-winning ensemble, enhake. enhake¯ (in-HA-kee) is an emerging classical chamber ensemble comprised of members from South Korea and the United States. Contains my composition Legacy.

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The Matrimonial Duos by Heidi Von Bernewitz & Rob Nairn - Wonderful duets for viola and double bass written by top composers and expertly performed by this dynamic couple.Contains my Poetics.

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Houston Brass Quintet - Four original compositions for brass expertly performed by one Houston's premiere chamber ensembles. Contains my Wonderland for brass quintet and Inventions for brass trio.

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In Motus Tuba Quartet - A variety of Tuba-Euphonium quartets expertly performed by In Motus, an ensemble consisting of university professors. Contains my arrangement of Susato's Three Dances and my composition Adages.

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Images - American Sonatas - New and recent classical contemporary saxophone and piano sonatas skillfully performed by the Hutchins-Choi Duo. Contains my Sonata "Funtasies".

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Come Down Heavy - Described by Eugene Rousseau, as "a talented saxophonist," Jason T. Laczkoski is an emerging young voice in saxophone. He is joined on this CD by Anna Draper, violin and Joshua Russell, piano.Contains my Lan Na Thai for saxophone and prerecorded sounds and my Celebration of Flight for saxophone and violin.

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To Bring To Bloom - Jeremy Crawford & Kevin Chance - A variety of mostly tonal music for tuba and piano expertly performed by seasoned performers. Contains my Grass Roots for Tuba and Piano, Sonata Ritmico for Tuba and Piano, and My Alabama Songbook Suite for Tuba and Piano.

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The JoLo Duo - Joseph Rebman- Harp Louis Setzer - Trombone - Expressive music for trombone and harp performed by two excellent musicians. Contains my Negotiations for trombone and harp.

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American Music for Brass Quintet by Lyric Brass Quintet of Pacific Lutheran University - American brass quintet music by Gwyneth Walker, Charles Ives, David Snow, and Sy Brandon are featured on this recording by one of the finest brass quintets in the Pacific Northwest. Contains my American Vignettes.

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Travels Through Time - May Phang -  Original compositions and transcriptions for piano expertly performed by May Phang. Contains my Time Travel Phantasie.

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Around the World in 60 Minutes - Melissa Kropowski - Exciting performances of standard and new repertoire for clarinet and piano by two outstanding artists. Contains my Badinerie and Die Fledermaus Fantasy.

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Blue Wolf - Michael Davidson & Ellen Bottorff - A variety of newer music for trombone and piano and trombone unaccompanied expertly performed by two consummate artists. Contains my Sonata for trombone and piano.

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Generations - Peter M. Bianca & Adriana Teodoro-Dier - Clarinet music from the Romantic period through the 21st century expertly performed by two accomplished artists. Contains my Three Greek Dances and Hep Cats.

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Dualities -  Steven Darling, Naoko Tanaka & Preston Light- Solo and chamber music performed by a master of both the tuba and euphonium and two guest artists. Contains my Intermezzi and Rondo alla Scherzo.

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Pretty Please! - Steven Maxwell, Amanda Arrington, Susan Maxwell & The Kansas State University Faculty Chamber Ensemble - Exciting new chamber music for tuba and other instruments expertly performed by members of the Kansas State University Music Faculty featuring Steven Maxwell on tuba. Contains my Interplay for Bassoon, Tuba, and Piano.

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American Kaleidoscope - The Silverwind Duo - Contemporary chamber music for flute and clarinet performed by Nicole McPherson, flute and Andrew Seigel, clarinet. Contains my Kaleidoscope.

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Flores - Yasmin Flores - Standard and contemporary music for clarinet and piano. Contains my Sonata for Clarinet and Piano.

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The Zodiac Trio - Contemporary classical chamber music performed by an exciting young trio. Contains my Lest We Forget for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano.

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Paul Freeman Introduces - An Albany Records release that contains my Celebration Overture performed by the Czech National Symphony.

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Masterworks of the New Era - Contains my I Am Music for Chorus and Orchestra performed by the Philharmonia Bulgarica.

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Holiday of the New Era - Contains my 'Twas  the Night Before Christmas performed by the Kiev Philharmonic and Chamber Choir Kiev.

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Scenes from the Bayou - Black Bayou Brass - Contains my Inventions for Brass Trio.

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Almost All-American - 21st Century Works for Clarinet - Contains my Divertimento for Woodwind Quartet.

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New Music for Brass Quintet - University of Kentucky Faculty Brass Quintet - Contains my Lexicon II for Brass Quartet.

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Reflections - International tuba artist, Rommel Cordova,  and university piano professor, John Schmidt perform my "Sonata," "Three Episodes," and "Concerto alla Jazz."

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The Saxophone Around the World - University professor Joe Murphy performs my "Four Spanish Dances."

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N2O2 Clearing The Air - The Arietta Trio performs my "Aria for Flute, Oboe, and Cello."

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Dilemme - Duo Dilemme performs my "Conversations for Alto Saxophone and Piano."

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The Vanderbilt University Wind Ensemble performs my arrangement for trombone and band of Eugene Bozza's "Ballade for trombone and piano."
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