Sy Brandon


From performances of his music on NPR’s “Performance Today” and APR’s “Pipedreams” to the use of his music on TV’s “Animal Planet” and MTV’s “Never Before Scene”, Sy Brandon’s compositions and arrangements are as varied as they are accessible. His versatile ease in composing effectively for young musicians as well as professionals and his ability to utilize jazz and folk music in addition to writing in more abstract styles, enables his music to meet the needs of a wide variety of performers. His music has been performed live and via broadcast throughout the United States and abroad, including performances by the United States Army, Navy, and Air Force Bands.

“Sy Brandon's music is well-crafted and has maintained his desired artistic content without sacrificing the realistic aspects of orchestration." Conductor, Robert Hart Baker

"I admire Dr. Brandon's success with the lyrical qualities of the solo instrument without sacrificing rhythmic interest" Tom Everett, bass trombonist and Harvard University Band Director

"Sy Brandon's music is stirring, well written, and highly effective with its audience." Conductor, Larry Newland

Compositions, arrangements, recordings, and books of Sy Brandon
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